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Your Source for Really    Smart Wristbands, Cards, Coupons and other Credentials

We can design, integrate, and provide you with the best possible credentials on the planet at a fair price: barcoded cards, wristbands, coupons, tickets, and other credential solutions utilizing RFID, NFC, 1-D & 2-D barcode and even guest’s smart phone.

You certainly don’t need all of these - but you get the point - the  possibilities are endless !

We have found the industry awash with lots of misinformation, misrepresentation, and poor credential products that are offered but don’t truly solve real world problems.

Most locations need a combination of solutions - yet most vendors try to steer you to only one technology (their solution) and tell you that you don’t need anything else.  Life is not that easy - at least not in the entertainment business!  We know you have seen a lot of vendor offer you THEIR solution when what you need is YOUR solution. 

Truly effective solutions involve a broad set of credentials and processes that accept and consume credentials and report their status in real time.  The design of the credentials needs to be well thought out and coordinated so the process is seamless.

In some situations one credential may suffice for admissions, cashless payment, photo ops, locker rental, transportation, sponsor coupons, and VIP access.  In others you may need to have different physical deliverables, like a card, voucher, wristband, print-at-home, phone App, or scannable screen image to satisfy your business needs.  But in all cases you need these credentials to work together and not confuse or hassle your guest or your staff.

Don’t go to all the hassle and expense of purchasing, and deploying wristbands, cards, coupons, and other credentials without getting our input.  We have been involved with millions of credentials and hundreds of locations - and know how to avoid most of problems yet maximize not only your guest’s acceptance, but the true utility and performance of your credentials for your site’s benefit and your bottom line.

We can truly help you find the best solution for your site and bring about a workable solution that probably bridges multiple vendors with different technologies.

Here is an example we worked up with Holiday World to help manage a cabana access and attendance process.  CLICK HERE to see  the solution.

For other examples of wristbands, cards, coupons and such, including those with our phone find feature, -CLICK HERE- and tell us of your need and we will send specific samples and outline solutions that fit your site.


As we said:  Really    Smart Credentials!