Really   Smart Cabana Band


The cabana client/renter receives a sheet of wristbands for their personal dispersal to their invited guests.  Each sheet contains the prescribed number of bands and they are preprinted with the valid date.

Some features:

  1. Bullet The wristbands can’t be put on wrong as they are printed in both viewing orientations.

  2. Bullet Valid date is pre-printed on each band saving time. Unused bands can be used next year.

  3. Bullet Number and Critter Icon are unique for each cabana.

  4. Bullet Park location {Kima Bay} helps way-finding to the proper cabana.

  5. Bullet Back printed instructions advise guest on proper installation of the wristband.

  6. Bullet Each sheet of wristbands includes a sign-off tab for host and staff signed acknowledgement.

  7. Bullet Waterproof and resistant to suntan lotion.

  8. Bullet Easy visual authentication by park staff.

  9. Bullet Pre-printed sheets speed up dispersal to guests.

  10. Bullet Accountability is improved.

  11. Bullet May be dispersed in advance of reserved date.

  12. Bullet Sheets pierced for two-prong fasteners or ring binder.

  13. Bullet Days wristbands are pre-kitted to minimize handling.


As we said:  Really    Smart Cabana Bands

Two ring clipboard

Poly Bagged by Date

2 Prong binder clip

Read from any directions

Another revenue enhancement solutions that has an impact on your operations, your guest, and the amount of per/capita spending enjoyed as a result.