RFI, RFQ Creation & Bid Review 


Request For Information,

Request for Quotation

and Bid Review

We have been on the both sides of the process and can save you much anguish, many hours, and countless errors in preparing your Request For Information, Request For Quotation as well as helping you review, score and evaluate the proposals you receive. 

Defining your Needs and Scope of Services - Don’t Over Specify!

Functional Definitions by Purpose and Process and Scenario.

Performance and Service Criteria + STANDARDS

Deployment Schedules and Milestones and measures of success.

On-going Support, Upgrades, and Enhancements

Going cashless, improving your ticketing systems, and engaging your guest on and off property can be a rewarding revenue enhancement opportunity for most facilities AND can be the most challenging to your operations as you are likely to be making changes that impact most parts of your business.

Your vendors deliver the systems, but it is up to your team to get the most out of what you have purchased. We can help you make the most of your payment and ticketing system(s) decisions and establish a real guest engagement process.