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Strategic Planning & Review

Define strategy for best practices, processes and revenue enhancement.

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Our team has billions and billions of miles of experience – well, not quite – but it sure seems like it!   But we can honestly say we have many decades of collective experience in the out-of-home entertainment industry. 

Partnering is the key to how we work - we partner with you.

New Technologies PassBook, GTIN, NFC/RFID/BLE.

Managing disruptive & emerging technologies: NFC, RFID, GS1 and GTIN, Apple’s PassBook, plus bio-ID technologies and Bluetooth Smart Devices

RFQ Creation and Bid Review

We have been on the other side of the process and can save you much anguish, time, and errors.

Really    Smart Wristbands, Cards, Coupons +++

We can manage or provide the best possible RFID, NFC, 1-D and 2-D barcoded credentials and coupon solution on the planet, and at a fair price.

Technology Assessment   

We have worked with hundreds of sites so we can give you an honest evaluation.

Project Management

From start to finish . . . or just the hard parts. Let us scope out your plans.

Loyalty, Rewards & Gaming Programs

Defining the concepts and processes behind your programs requires serious consideration before you implement any plan. 

Enterprise-Wide Revenue Initiatives

Avoid mistakes and short falls when developing and deploying enterprise wide plans.

Operating Partner - Selling & Succession Planning

We can help you find the right operating partner to maximize your revenue, or even help you transfer or sell your park.


Cashless Payment & Ticketing

We are truly experts in this field and can help you find, deploy, and manage the right system for your enterprise. 

Video / Image  Capture &  ID Systems

Leading edge technology and processes for social media, entertainment, payment, loyalty and security. 
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Legacy System Enhancement

We can enhance and extend your existing debit card systems - protecting your investment while increasing functionality.