Passbook, NFC, PCI, and new technologies


Managing New & Disruptive Technologies

Keeping up with evolving or disruptive technologies requires some special attention and experience. We can help with your NFC, RFID, Apple-Pay and PassBook, Mobile Initiative, QR, plus PDF417, GS1 Coupons codes and GTIN, and even emerging Bio-ID technologies. 

Mastering Disruptive Technology - is it useful, threatening, or just buzz?

Evaluate the Impact of Technology on your internal Processes and Systems

Determining Revenue Impact, and Results Tracking Methods

Scope-out your need for Platform Enhancements & Evolution

Don’t forget Risk & Fraud Control as well as Network and Video Security

We can help you manage Disruptive Technologies and ID Dynamics occurring in the industry: 

  1. RFID, Wristbands, Card, and Medallion/Button Credentials

  2. NFC Credit Cards & SmartPhones, Apple-Pay, e-wallets and EMV standards

  3. QR and other 2 dimensional barcodes

  4. GS1 Coupon Creation and GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers) aka UPC/EAN

  5. Bluetooth Smart Device and Beacons

  6. On-Screen Credentials like Apple’s PassBook screen

  7. Biometric ID Solutions including vision systems

  8. PCI requirements & Merchant Liability changes that went into effect back in October 2015.

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