Legacy System Enhancement or Conversions


Does your debit card/wristband or ticketing system really have a future?

Some of the debit and ticketing system vendors have no idea how to enhance or extend their systems without throwing away a good chunk of your prior investment.   This just does not make sense to you - or us.  We have a strategy that protects your investment, enhances functionality, and puts the control of your system and your future back in your corner.

Utilize much of your existing hardware.

Future-proof your technology investment.

Integrate New Payment Methods: Like Apple-Pay, NFC & BLE Systems.

Reduce dependency on a single vendor’s vision (or lack thereof).

Improve your network and business security.


Let’s say you have a system from company WXYZ and they’ve given you some disheartening news.  Maybe they aren't going to continue to support the equipment they sold you last year, or you have to buy new servers and services that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or maybe they are just not interested in working with your other vendors. So much for their vows of customer support!

We can really - really - help!  We have a strategy and process to get you out from under the thumb of some of these callous vendors.

Call us - this is important.