Technology & Revenue ASSESSMENT


Technology and Revenue Assessment -   

We've worked with hundreds of sites. We can give you an honest evaluation.

Revenue, Process and Pricing Policy

Existing or Vendor Proposed Technology Analysis

Marketing Initiatives: From Coupons to VIP Passes, iBeacons & Wifi.

Equipment, Tech Budgets, and Timelines.

Technology Needs to Meet Performance Goals

Don’t over buy or over commit your limited resources!  We can help you create a true feasibility and needs assessment of your site’s technology requirements and revenue opportunities.   Some vendors will under-quote their offer and you will be faced with a big financial surprise or two before your project is complete.  Others vendors may over-sell their solution and you end up with stuff you just can’t use - but paid dearly for!

Well will work with your chosen business partners, consultants and planners to firm up and focus your technology and revenue systems needs.

The best way to control being too light or too heavy with your system purchases is to clearly define the needs and feasibility of the project long before you even talk to a vendor.  Over time  we have observed sites that just get their priorities out of sync with their goals and consequently overspend or under achieve the revenue results they expected for a project.

Here are some steps we like to take:

  1. BulletWork With Your Defined Business Goals & Strategy

  1. BulletFirm-up Revenue Projections vs Actual Methods & and business Viability

  1. Bullet Establish Operations & Service Needs - In Detail!

  2. Bullet Asses Impact of Revenue and Technology Disruption

  1. Bullet Review Again - Contracts & Service Agreements

  1. Bullet Don’t forget Fail-Over and Disaster Recovery Needs

  2. Bullet Determine Systems Integration Issues Before you Purchase